To provide confidence, education, skills, and knowledge to all nursing staff caring for paediatric patients across Victoria. Below are some examples of courses we offer.

Deteriorating Patient

Anatomical differences between adults and paediatrics, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Neurological, Nursing assessment, Head to toe, ABCDE, Blood gas interpretation, Management and stabilisation of the patient, BLS/ALS, Emergency response systems, Victor, MET, PETS.

Care of a Paediatric Patient

Medication differences, thermoregulation and effects on new borns, Fluid management in the management of paediatric patients, Family centred care, ethics.

Pain & Sedation Management

Effective pain management protocol used in paediatrics, Effects of sedation and pain medication have on brain development, Procedural pain relief, Sucrose, Nitrous oxide, Low dose midazolam, Angel cream, buzz/distraction techniques.

Customised Education

We can customise a program to suit your staff needs. Contact us to discuss further.

“Talking Little” Sessions

These are short and sharp sessions, delivered locally at a hospital or location close by. They can be tailored to suit the learning needs of local staff or chosen by us. Contact us to find out about special deals for your staff if you decide to host one of these sessions.